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Why You Should Never Color Your Hair At Home

I have been getting all my new magazine issues in the mail over the past few weeks and on every cover it has an article on how to color your hair at home.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I have in the past, colored my hair at home. We all have, we’re woman, it’s what we do. I’ve even out of desperation and curiosity bought a box brand to do it!!! Shhhh that’s our little secret.

So, I set out to write on why not to color your hair at home and came across this beautifully written and truthful article on “The Why Not’s”….click here to read the full article.

Bridal Contest


Shear Rhythm Bridal Contest

One Lucky Future Bride and her wedding party will win a Free Bridal Package from Shear Rhythm Salon and Dance Studio. The package will include free hair and makeup services for the bride to be and up to 5 bridesmaids.

All contestants must “LIKE” the Shear Rhythm Face Book page and Message us with “Your Story” on why you think you should be chosen as our winner. Friends and Family members may also submit by “LIKING” our page and submitting a story on behalf of a contestant.

Once the stories our submitted, each Shear Rhythm Team Member (Theresa, Cecelia, Kim & Michelle) will pick their own finalist. We will each post our favorite story on FB and let our FB fans decide the winner. The Contestant with the most “LIKES” will be chosen as the winner. So, the more people you have “Liking” the Shear Rhythm page and “Liking” your story, the better!

All stories must be submitted between March 1, 2013 to April 28, 2013. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2013.

Rules Applied:
***The chosen winner must have their wedding scheduled in the year of 2013.
*** No more than 5 Bridesmaids will receive free bridal hair and makeup, any more than 5 Bridesmaids will be charged 50% of regular priced services.
*** An upfront booking fee of 20% (on the discounted pricing) will be applied towards any bridesmaids totaling over the allotted amount of five. The booking fee will secure the day and time. The fee is 100% refundable if they choose to cancel with one week prior notice.
***All winners must be willing to have their images: photos, video, etc. posted on the Shear Rhythm FB page, Blog, or Website.

Sock Bun Tutorial

Having a bad hair day? It’s probably not your first and it certainly won’t be your last!

Here’s a fun and quick (and did I say Easy) solution to your problem that will leave you walking out of the house looking Fabulous! I promise.

I saw this video a few months ago and just loved it!! Plucked it for your viewing pleasure compliments of: Makeup by Tiffany D.