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Why You Should Never Color Your Hair At Home

I have been getting all my new magazine issues in the mail over the past few weeks and on every cover it has an article on how to color your hair at home.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I have in the past, colored my hair at home. We all have, we’re woman, it’s what we do. I’ve even out of desperation and curiosity bought a box brand to do it!!! Shhhh that’s our little secret.

So, I set out to write on why not to color your hair at home and came across this beautifully written and truthful article on “The Why Not’s”….click here to read the full article.

Good Morning Shear Rhythm Friends!!

It’s a Beautiful Day, Get out and Soak it Up!!

Just a reminder that today is our “Wine & Dessert Night”
From 6-8 PM
Swing on by for some great tasty desserts, awesome company and please don’t forget to bring your bottle of wine to share.

I want to start this day off right and what better way to do that than with a freaking hilariously good laugh. I came across this video and I absolutely had to share it, it brought me to tears….laughing tears!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!

New Zumba Teacher!

We have an amazing new Zumba Teacher!!

We would like to Welcome Guadalupe Lopez to Shear Rhythm.

If you haven’t already stopped by to Zumba with this beautiful energetic lady, please do so!! 

You won’t be sorry.

Her high energy and loving spirit will keep you coming back for more.

You can catch her on Wednesday and Thursday nights at Shear Rhythm.

Please go to www.shearrhythm.com  for the most updated class schedule.

Zumba Pic2_purple

Wine & Dessert Night

Shear Rhythm Is Hosting A

Wine & Dessert Night

Wine Pic

Friday February 22, 2013
From 6-8 PM

We Are Asking Clients To Bring Their Favorite Bottle Of Wine To Share
While We Bring An Assortment Of Desserts From The Fabulously Tasty Great Dane Bakery

Bring A Friend And The Both Of You Will Receive $25 Off Your Next Booked Appointment With Your Favorite Shear Rhythm Stylist.

“Like” the Shear Rhythm Facebook Page

And Let Us Know Your Coming!