Dance/Fitness Instructors



Patricia Q.

Kettlebell Kickboxing Instructor

Patricia is a certified Kettlebell Kickboxing™ (KBIA) instructor currently teaching a popular (co-ed) Kettlebell Kickboxing class here at Shear Rhythm. As a child she was always into sports and enjoyed swimming, volleyball and tennis, but her passion is doing triathlons (photo on left), and of course Kettlebell Kickboxing.  Patricia was never into weights and didn’t even know what kettlebells were, but after her first class she couldn’t believe how much fun she had with kettlebells and the thought that she had actually burned 1000 calories in one hour was the extra bonus. She started noticing how toned her body was getting after a few classes and she got addicted to KB…the rest was history!

Why Patricia loves KB, “I love KB for thousands of reasons, but ONE main reason I love KB is that going to the gym was becoming boring and I never saw results in my body, but I was always excited to go to a KB class knowing I was going to do a full workout and come out sweating, sore and inspired to push myself to do more!“

stacey-soul zumba-p


Stacey “Soul Zumba” P.

Zumba Instructor

Stacey is a certified Zumba instructor and has been teaching dance for 4 years and Zumba since June 2012.  He also studied dance in college and has an extensive background in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. His goal is to not only give students a great work out but to also have fun.

He took aerobics classes in the past and lost interest because it felt like a job and become bored with it.  He feel in love with Zumba after his first class because it was taught with a fun upbeat music.  “I left my first class in a sweat and it did not feel like work out.”  He started off with one class a week and soon began taking 4 classes a week. He also lost 30lbs in three months and he says “the beauty of it, it did not feel like I was on a diet or regimented work out program.”

He has made the decision to teach zumba so he could help others experience the benefits and joy of Zumba.