Here are products that our stylists at Shear Rhythm use on a daily basis. From spray bottles to brushes, just click on any of the product images below to purchase or to read more information about them.

Stylists Sprayer

This spray bottle puts out a great mist that allows a continuous spray which produces an endless spray allowing large areas to be covered quickly. Its like having an aerosol bottle of water in your hands. Comes in variety of colors and styles. The one shown here is leopard print.

Price: $10.89


Wet Brush Pro
Detangling Hair Brush

wet brush pro in blue. Detangling hair brushDetangle your hair with ease with Wet Brush Pro. Works great on wet or dry hair and all types of hair whether its think, curly or straight. Has soft bristles that help get out those stubborn knots so you no longer have to yank on your hair like you do with your current brush.

Price: $8.98


Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush

Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion BrushThe bristles on this brush help keep your hair healthier which makes it easier to style. It has extra large vents that allow more airflow and helps reduce drying time. Add more shine and eliminate frizz with this Nano Thermic Ion brush.

Price: $17.45

Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In
Plus Keratin

With It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Plus Keratin is perfect for all hair types and helps replace lost protein, increases styling, and protects the natural keratin in your hair.

Price: $14.71